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Self-Help Credit Union

Immigration Loans

Citizenship Loan

Our Citizenship Loan is an easy and affordable way to cover the cost of the naturalization application as well as some legal fees possibly associated with it.

Loan Terms

Amounts  $680 up to $1000 per Citizenship applicant (up to a maximum of 4 applicants per loan)
Maximum Term

     36 months

Interest Rate

     17.7% APR*


With a 15.0% interest rate and no application fee, our DACA loan is an easy and affordable way to cover the cost of the renewal application.

  • Have quick access to funds to cover the cost of applying for DACA
  • Avoid high-cost predatory loans, like payday loans
  • Become a member of a credit union, and get access to low-cost financial services
  • Additional loan amount may be available to cover other application costs.

Loan Terms

Amounts  $46 up to $800
Maximum Term

12 months

Interest Rate

15.0% APR*

Immigration Bond Loan

Get your loved one out of immigration detention and build credit in the process.

Loan Terms

Amounts  Up to $15,000
Maximum Term

60 months

Interest Rate

16.0% APR*

 Down Payment  10% of the bond amount

*APR= Annual Percentage Rate

How to Apply

To apply for one of our immigration loans, please contact or visit your local branch.