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Self-Help Credit Union

Healthy Food System Finance

Finance to Grow a Local Food System

Innovative agripreneurs need innovative finance solutions. We lend to businesses and nonprofits that work to improve the way food is produced, distributed and sold. Combining 35 years of lending experience and a national network of partners, we make loans to people who are transforming the food system. We serve all parts of the supply chain, from meat processors to aggregators and food hubs to retailers.

High-Impact Projects Come in All Sizes



$4.6 million for construction
 A co-op grocer expands in a low-to-moderate income neighborhood
$1 million for acquisition  A cooperatively owned produce distributor buys a warehouse, doubles its workforce
$25,000 for equipment
A nonprofit helps bring local produce and meat to senior centers and low-income housing areas
$2.6 million for acquisition
 An independent grocer buys a store in a food desert and employs 100 people

Finance Expertise

  • 35 years of experience lending to food businesses of all types
  • Loan terms that support your cash flow
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Innovators in partnering with USDA, SBA and other governmental guarantee and loan programs
  • Loans available nationwide

Read more about how we are working with partners nationwide to build healthy food systems.

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