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San Diego Branch
Our San Diego branch is currently closed and is expected to reopen on Monday, September 25th. Members can access their accounts with online or mobile banking.
Self-Help Credit Union


Loan Rates
Rates Effective: 9/1/2023
DescriptionLoan-to-Value Maximum Maximum Loan AmountMaximum Term (in months)Annual Percentage Rate
New Vehicles Up to 120%$75, 000847.25% to 16.00%
Used Vehicles ≤ 5 years oldUp to 120% $75,000 848.00% to 16.00%
Used Vehicles > 5 years oldUp to 120% $40,000 728.00% to 16.00%
New & Used Motorcycles Up to 100% $30,000 60 10.75% to 16.00%
Mastercard Standard  $500 to $10,000 Revolving 15.00% to 16.00%
Mastercard Share Secured 100% of share balance $250 to $5,000Revolving 16.00%
Share Secured Loans 100% of share balance  844.0% above rate of share collateral
Certificate Secured Loans 100% of share balance $500 or more 604.0% above rate of share collateral
Fresh Start Loans 100% of share balance $500, $1,000, $1,500 or $2,0006 to 24 4.0% above rate of share collateral
Signature Loans  $50,000 4813.50% to 16.00%
Signature Loans with Collateral Up to 90% $50,000 4812.50% to 16.00%
Overdraft Line-of-Credit  $250 to $5,000 Revolving14.60% to 16.00%
Home Equity Line-of-Credit80% of appraised value minus first mortgage balance $150,0002409.50% to 10.25%
Solar Loans90% of estimated value minus any mortgage balances$100,0002406.00% to 14.25%

Rate Discounts

An interest rate reduction of 0.25% to 0.50% can be applied to auto loans, motorcycle loans, signature loans and signature loans with collateral when any one of the following Self-Help FCU “relationship-based” conditions are met:

  • Purchase of a ‘green’ vehicle.
  • Loan-to-value (LTV) of less than 90%.
  • Combined existence or establishment of direct deposit, share-to-loan transfer and e-statements.
  • Existence or establishment of a term certificate or IRA in the amount of $5,000 or more.
  • Proof of previous loan in the amount of $1,500 or more paid on time and in full with at least 12 months of payment history and no 30+ day delinquency. 
Annual Percentage Rate may vary depending on creditworthiness. Additional rate discounts may apply for lower LTV’s, automatic loan payments, Term Certificates or IRAs and/or previous loans paid in full satisfactory with Self-Help FCU and its Divisions. Individual applicant’s interest rates are determined by credit score, vehicle year and mileage. Please ask a loan officer for details. All rates and terms are subject to change without notice. The maximum amount of unsecured credit that may be extended to a household is $50,000 including credit cards, lines of credit, and any individual or joint signature loan balance. 

Deposit Rates
Rates Effective: 9/1/2023
TypeMin. to OpenMin. to Earn DividendsDividend Rate*APY**
Savings (all types)$5$100.30%.30%
Youth Accounts (all)$5$25.10%.10%
Access Checking$0$0.10%.10%
Personal Checking$0$0.10%.10%
Money Market$500$5003.06%3.11%
IRA Account$100$1004.30%4.39%
Business Checking$0$0.05%.05%
Non-Profit Checking$0$0.05%.05%

All share accounts are variable rate accounts.

Member must maintain $5 par value.


Share Certificates
Rates Effective: 9/1/2023
Term/IRA TermMin. to Open Term/IRAMin. to Earn Dividends Term/IRAAPR*APY**
3 Month(1)$500/$100$500/$100.10%.10%
6 Month(1)$500/$100$500/$100.15%.15%
12 Month$500/$100$500/$1004.30%4.39%
18 Month$500/$100$500/$1004.35%4.45%
24 Month$500/$100$500/$1004.40%4.50%
36 Month$500/$100$500/$1004.45%4.55%
48 Month$500/$100$500/$1004.50%4.60%
60 Month$500/$100$500/$1004.55%4.65%

All term share accounts are fixed rate accounts.  

* APR=Annual Percentage Rate ** APY=Annual Percentage Yield  

(1) Terms not available for IRA Certificates  

All rates are subject to change without notice. Member accounts are insured by the National Credit Union Administration up to $250,000. IRA accounts are additionally insured up to $250,000.


See account and membership disclosures.

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