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Self-Help Credit Union

Serving Families and Individuals

Accessible Loans and Financial Services

Achieving the American Dream isn't easy, but fair and affordable loans help bring it within reach. Our goal is to provide loans that help individuals and families build a better financial future. We offer financing for:

  • Purchasing a car
  • Borrowing for major expenses
  • Refinancing high-cost consumer debt
  • Buying a first home or refinancing a mortgage

Our loans not only do good; they help our members avoid high-cost lenders and check cashers that too often prey on working people. We have easy-to-open accounts with low fees that are accessible to people who might be using standard financial services for the first time.

Helping Members Get Out of Debt

Growing up, teacher James Sarria watched his immigrant father struggle with debt. At college, James soon found himself in the same financial dilemma. The staff at our Mission District branch in San Francisco, California helped him consolidate his loans and get his payments under control. Now James - debt-free - helps his students' parents learn financial management skills.

Watch James' story.