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Your investment makes a difference

The federally-insured deposit accounts you open and invest with Self-Help Federal go to work right away to support our members and communities. Our current investors include non-profits, foundations, socially responsible individuals and families, and financial/wealth management firms.

Your investments:

  • Help us strengthen community organizations
  • Grow local businesses
  • Provide affordable home loans
  • Build neighborhoods
  • Advocate for fair and responsible financial practices
  • Support racial, social, and immigrant justice
  • Are reinvested 10 times or more, thus multiplying impact in communities we serve

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Investment Options

Market-rate, mission-supportive deposits

  • These deposits are insured with SHFCU up to $250,000, and are eligible for up to $500,000 in insurance through accounts with each of our credit union entities.
  • Your Term Certificates and Money Market accounts provide us with the liquidity to invest directly into our communities, families, and members.

Economic Development Certificates

  • At below market rate, these CDs allow us to do even more, providing a subsidy that helps fund stronger outreach, education, and financial literacy for communities in need.

Long-term, low-interest loans/PRIs

  • These long-term loans of $1 Million or more create “secondary capital” in our credit union which allows us to grow our assets, service area, and membership far more rapidly than otherwise possible.
  • These loans & PRIs have helped us become the fastest growing community development credit union in history − and we’re not done yet!

Grants For Programmatic Impact

  • We seek philanthropic support to deliver services that we otherwise couldn’t afford to provide. Grants help us develop new mission-rich programs that can later become sustainable. Examples of our grant-funded work include one-on-one financial coaching, free tax preparation (VITA sites), Citizenship, DACA and Fresh Start loans.
  • Research grants to support policy change: our Center for Responsible Lending (CRL) is the only part of Self-Help whose core operations are solely supported by grants. CRL’s rigorous research and advocacy leverage our knowledge of underserved markets to create smarter regulation and policy – where we have the greatest opportunity to impact millions of underserved families.

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