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Get ready for a new mobile app
Self-Help Credit Union

Get ready for a new mobile app experience!

New. Improved. Competitive.

Our mobile app is getting a fresh new look that we think you’ll like. The changes can be seen and experienced from the inside out.


New: This app upgrade will take a leap forward in providing users a true mobile experience. Design, speed and reliability are characteristics that will stand out with this updated version.


Improved: Our new app uses an upgraded cross-platform code base that can equally support Android and iOS devices. The app also has a native framework that is optimized for mobile screens and the redesigned interface will make navigating easy and intuitive.


Competitive: Managing your financial life from home, work, or on the go has never been easier. Improved security features like multi-factor authentication and the ability to create a truly unique username will help you stay safely connected to your accounts.


Coming soon.

We look forward to presenting you with an updated app that will provide a better mobile experience. Users that have enabled automatic updates will see the changes as soon as the app is published. Users that have disabled automatic updates can check our website for the official release notice.