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Self-Help Credit Union

Environmental Loans

Caring for the Environment is in Our Nature

Self-Help promotes environmental sustainability in our own operations and in our lending--including loans to businesses that count conservation as a core company value and day-to-day objective.

For the past 25 years, Self-Help has been proactive about financing green businesses, nonprofits and community initiatives. We do it to improve home, school and work environments, to help families and businesses reduce energy usage and save money, and to be a good steward of our shared planet.

We offer flexible terms and competitive rates, plus expertise in energy lending and complex transactions.

We've financed a wide range of green works that include renewable energy, recycling and reuse, sustainable agriculture, ecotourism, fuel efficiency, land conservation, green building, toxicity reduction and more.


  • Flexible terms
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Expertise in complex transactions
  • Professional service, personal attention

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Community Foods Market is a full-service grocery store, health resource center and community hub    that engages residents to lead healthier and more socially-connected lives. Self-Help’s $1,985,000 loan helped fund construction of the 14,000      square-foot grocery store to support the vibrant community of West Oakland.

“My vision is that Community Foods will be a platform for social innovation and the start of a sustainable food ecosystem. It was important for me to work with trustworthy lenders aligned with that mission...                                                              Self-Help is passionate about the impact this project will have on the community."

- Brahm Ahmadi,                                                                 co-founder and CEO of Community Foods

For more information, contact: 

Jeremy Hofer at or Veronica Saldana at