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Self-Help Credit Union

Digital Wallet

Credit and Debit Cards Now Digital Wallet Ready 

Enjoy the ease of contactless transactions with an added level of card security when you couple the Self-Help FCU credit and/or debit card with your favorite digital wallet app. Use your digital wallet-enabled card(s) for online and in-person purchases. Eliminate the need to enter your card’s 16-digit number and security code when making online purchases and experience less card swiping and inserting at card reader terminals.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Digital wallet-compatible cards are the Self-Help FCU Mastercard credit card, Visa debit card and the HSA debit card. Our ATM-only card is not digital wallet compatible.
  • No new or replacement card is necessary.
  • No additional fees are assessed by Self-Help FCU for eligible card use with digital wallets. 
  • Use with any available digital wallet apps (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, etc.).
  • Use for online and in-person purchase transactions (in-person transaction terminal must be equipped with a “contactless” card reader).
  • Eliminate the need to enter your card number and security code when making online purchases.  
  • Reduce the need to swipe or insert your card at card transaction terminals.
  • View limited transaction history via your digital wallet app. Complete card transaction activity history will be posted to your Self-Help FCU account records.
  • Depending on the device, user access to the digital wallet app can be password protected in a variety of ways including fingerprint recognition or a passcode.
  • Any point-of-sale card reader terminal equipped with a “contactless” reader.
  • Online sites that offer a digital wallet payment option including ride shares and food delivery (“in-app”) services.
  • At card-less ATMs (where they exist). Note: Card(s) must be swiped or inserted at ATM terminals that accept an actual card.
  • Digital wallets transact by using system-generated digital coding (a “token”) instead of your actual card information.
  • The token number is transmitted to the participating merchant to identify the source account that is funding the purchase (your credit card account or checking account, depending on the card).
  • Your actual card number is not stored on your device or shared with the merchant.
  • Once you’ve uploaded your Self-Help FCU credit and/or debit card to your digital wallet app, simply access the app on your device.
  • For in-person purchases, select your preferred virtual card, hold your device up to the transaction terminal’s “contactless” reader and follow the prompts on your device and/or the terminal to complete the transaction. Some merchants also may require you to enter your PIN when doing a digital wallet transaction.
  • For online purchases, select the digital wallet payment option and follow the payment prompts (not all online sites provide a digital wallet payment option).

Newer devices will be preloaded with a default digital wallet app, while older devices may require you to download a digital wallet app from your mobile device's app store. The apps compatible with our cards are Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. 


compatible digital wallet apps

The Apple Pay logo is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. The Samsung Pay logo is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. The Google Pay logo is a trademark of Google.

Still need help?  Call the Self-Help Federal Credit Union Contact Center at 877-369-2828.  

Lower Valley Credit Union cards may not qualify for this service.  Please check with your local branch.